Animated objects in EF-12 lepetitnain

2015/03/25 (Wed) 00:17:24

Hello there, I would like to know if it is possible to make a animated or pathed object in blender, and to convert it to make it work in EF-12? For an example, i would like to add a moving airplane in my background(stage) that i have created. I don't know much about game engines restrictions or possibilities and i have been working with 3-D since a few months only and cannot find any documentations on this subject. When i try to export a animated object with the daemodel.export from blender, there is no animation when it is converted from the model converter in foolviewer.


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Re: Animated objects in EF-12 - 中の人(小野口)

2015/03/25 (Wed) 20:46:58


Plz see here for answer.



Re: Animated objects in EF-12 lepetitnain

2015/03/26 (Thu) 08:02:05

Thank you

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Re: Animated objects in EF-12 lepetitnain

2015/09/02 (Wed) 09:07:01

Hello, I have another question. Isn't there a way of 'hacking' the game by making
some fx animations and to tell the game to loop the animations in the background during the fights?

For an example, to put the Drakken fireball in a loop movement from the beginning to the end of the fight match in the stage since drakkens fireball is some kind of animated object?

I guess that if this is working, i could make a plane moving in the stage and maybe make some walls with 0 damages when there is a collision?


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